The Home Office

A Busy Hub Within the Home

The home office is quickly becoming a necessity in today’s world. The function of a home office surrounds the various needs one has to be able to conduct business, pay bills, or have a space to work on the computer.

Those who bring work home from their jobs need a space to be able to continue the tasks at hand. Additionally, self-employed individuals utilize a home office as the base for running their official business. Families use a home office to pay bills, work on the computer, or to do homework in.

Ironically, old black and white television shows depicted the home office as a combined study, home office, and man-cave of sorts where the father/husband was most of the time. This area was reserved for the head of the household and rarely did other members of the family use it.

Times have definitely changed!

A Home Office Is…

  • A place to run your blog or online business.
  • A place to conduct official business for those who bring work home or for the self-employed (freelancers, home-based businesses, etc.)
  • A space that typically has a computer, a workstation/desk, a printer, internet, resources within reach (books, manuals, etc.) and a phone.
  • A place to pay bills, surf the internet, skype, do live videos or write.

Come on in: We are “Open” for Business

“The Lord your God will make you abundantly prosperous in all the work of your hand…” Deuteronomy 30:9

We have your resources at arm’s reach!

In this room of the house, you will be able to tap into various resources all within arm’s reach on different articles and information on ways to keep your home office running smoothly.

  • Articles and information relating to home office spaces.
  • Trends and recommendations on different computer software programs and technology.
  • Finances
  • Information on starting a small business.
  • Becoming a freelancer.

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