The Importance of Daily Devotional Time with God

Finding Quiet Time In A Noisy World

Carving out time in hectic lives to spend time with God is vital!

Families today lead such hectic and busy lives. Parents cherish a quiet moment here or there, especially moms.

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We are so focus-driven on getting the kids dressed, out the door, to school, to after-school activities, dinner on the table, homework done, and the list could literally go on.

As we lay there before going to sleep, we go over in our heads trying to think of what we have to get done the next day, and oh, did we forget to do anything today?

Did you spend any time with God? Did you share any part of your day with Him?

Blessed is the one…but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.

Psalm 1:1-2

The Noisy World

The morning begins as my husband’s alarm clock goes off. Getting up, I think to myself; maybe I can grab a few minutes alone with God before the kids get up.

I quietly head downstairs to indulge in this precious time alone in prayer. No sooner had I gotten halfway down the stairs, my little one is up hot on my heels following me.

Settling him in with breakfast, I try to grab some quiet time in prayer while he eats.

coffee time

I get my bible and go into the living room where I plant myself into a chair in the corner.

Closing my eyes, I am about to go into prayer when I hear the other kids up arguing as they come down the stairs. Any concentration I had was gone.

Getting up and going back into the kitchen, I go through the usual morning routine of packing lunches, making sure they have all had breakfast, and while they eat, I shower and get ready for work.

Quickly piling into the car, I drive them to school, drop them off, and proceed on to work.

Before I know it the day is gone and I am once again in the kitchen preparing supper, helping with homework, and school projects.

Supper is once over, and I feel I am at a place where I can steal a few minutes in between the children’s baths, laying their clothes out for the next day, and making a grocery list. This time, I try to find this alone time in the backyard where it’s quiet.

As soon as I stepped outside the door, my dog begs to go out and so he accompanies me into the backyard.

Feeling guilty that he is home alone all day with no one to play with or love on him, I grab a ball, and we play until darkness has settled in.

My chance for time with God has passed again.

Tucking the kids into bed, I am exhausted at this point, but I will have some time alone with God before going to sleep. I lay there in bed with my bible on my lap and begin to pray.

Quietly, my husband comes to bed being careful not to disturb me. Before I realize it, I am asleep and failed miserably again at having my quiet time with God.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

Mark 1:35

Finding the Quiet

If you find yourself in the same situation whether it be through motherhood or a busy career, there are ways to carve out time in your day to honor God in prayer and to meditate on His word.

bible reading time

There is no formal standard that we must follow to have quiet time with God.

It’s not a chore or an obligation, but a privilege.

It may take a little bit of strategic planning, but you can find a few minutes a day to have your time with Him!

If you have a noisy household, asking your family to be respectful of your quiet time is recommended, so you are not disturbed.

Planning Your Quiet Time

1. Decide on your devotional lesson or plan.

You can easily find a devotional app for your device(s) to download that you can read within minutes. One such app that is popular among Christians is “Jesus is Calling.” Each day you will get a reminder that “Jesus is Calling” and it will give you scripture with a life lesson for that day.

2. Choose the time each day that you want to have your devotional quiet time.

By doing this, you are holding yourself accountable. Some ideas for keeping your time with God are:

  • Set your alarm each morning 20 minutes ahead of when family members get up.
  • Spend your break or lunch time at work in quiet time.
  • Use your commute to work as your quiet time.
  • As you are waiting at school to pick up the children, have your quiet time.

3. Choose the place you want to have your quiet time.

  • Create your own “war room” in a closet or pantry where you go to spend time with the Lord. These are often referred to as “war rooms” because Christians act as prayer warriors for others and will use these spaces to pray for others. This area is off limits to others and is your sacred space to be with the Lord.
  • Don’t have your quiet time once you are in bed because it is easy to fall asleep.
  • If you have a basement, create a little corner that has a comfy chair, lamp, and small table where you can keep your bible, journal, and devotional lesson.
  • Deciding on a place at work may require a little creativeness, but you can go to a park or a private conference room. Your desk or work area is not recommended due to distractions such as the phone or your computer.
  • As a last resort for moms with a noisy house, you can use your car to have some quiet time in.

4. Choose how long you want your quiet time to last.

There is no certain required amount of time that one should spend in their quiet time. What matters is that the time you spend is quality time where you can be still and hear God’s voice.

Once you make your quiet time with the Lord a daily thing, you will find that when you miss it, you hunger for it because it’s food for your soul!

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