The She-Shed and Man-Cave

Separate Solitudes

Growing up, did you like to build forts and clubhouses and imagine that you could do amazing things in them? Comic books, girls and boys clubs, snack time, camping overnight, and a place to keep your secret collections were just a few things that filled these spaces.

Fast forward to being a grown-up, and you now have she-sheds and man-caves that basically have the same function but on the adult level.

Back in the day, the man-cave was a garage where a guy could tinker around in to have time to himself. The woman’s space was the kitchen, where she spent most of her time. Boy, things have changed!

In today’s world, married couples are seeking separately areas where they can find solitude and peace away from the kids and the hustle and bustle of the house. Within the spaces, they enjoy their favorite hobbies, read, relax, and regroup. For some, these spaces are mini-entertaining venues within the home. Football and other sports are shared within a man-cave with buddies while the ladies have book clubs or teas in the she-shed.

It is amazing how creative you can get with these spaces. Your personality is genuinely reflected within the area because after all, that’s your ‘clubhouse!’

“Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest for awhile.” Mark 6:31

Ladies, let us show you to your place!

Ladies, have we got a unique spot for you right out back. Glance out the back window, and you will see a charming little white cottage shed. This is your oasis that awaits you.

As you walk up to your she-shed, you notice the big lush roses right outside of the front door of it. You bend to smell and take in the lovely aroma. As you open the door, your eyes are met with a beautifully lit crystal chandelier hanging from the rafter of the shed. Over to the side is an overstuffed chair with an ottoman for your tired feet. You can’t resist and sit down, sinking into the chair.

Next to your chair sitting on a small side table is a beautiful bone china filigree teacup full of pungent Earl Grey tea. In the background, soft music fills the air relaxing every tired bone in your body as you sip your tea.

Laying your head back, your eyes close, and peace bathes your entire body from head to toe. You are in your own special place. Rest and renew your spirit.

Guys, follow us!

As you enter the once-was garage, you are shocked to find we have tricked out the space just for you. Over on one wall, you will find the high-tech tools you have been wanting. They are organized on the pegboard. What a sight!

Over to the other side of is a pair of leather reclining chairs equipped with USB charging ports, and massagers. Open the arm of the chair, and you will find a beverage chiller where your ice-cold Pepsi waits for you.

You can’t resist trying out the chair. Kicking back you notice a 72-inch flat screen TV on the far wall. Hanging next to the TV are autographed football helmets of your favorite players. You feel like you died and went to heaven!

Look next to your chair where you will find an iPad that controls not only the TV but a few other things. Go ahead and try it out. You have 64-color ambient lighting around the entire room as well as a built-in surround system.

But wait, hit the blue button on the iPad that looks like a robot. Wait for it, wait for it…

In strolls your own personal butler robot carrying a platter of crackers, sausage, and cheese. Now it’s time to kick back and enjoy the game in style.

Future Additions To Your Spaces

The fun does not stop here. We will be adding different things that you can apply to your life when it comes to finding peace over personal challenges as a man or woman.

  • Articles about everyday struggles within yourself and how you can grow
  • Ideas on creating your own she-shed or man-cave
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