The Study

Silence is Golden In This Room

There is something peaceful about being in a library. The quiet environment is consuming. It is the one place where you know you will find a place to gather your thoughts and read or study.

Now imagine having a room in your home that has that same ambiance.

The Study Is...

  • A place to read and meditate on scripture.
  • A place to have your devotional.
  • A place to find solitude and peace.
  • A place to house your favorite books.
  • A place to read.

Settle In For A Good Read

As you enter our study room, you will notice the hundreds of books that lovingly sit on the large shelves that scale the walls. There are books of all kinds. Among these books are Bibles in different translations, various commentaries, a few Bible dictionaries, and Bible lessons.

Over on the small desk is a Bible that someone has been journaling in. There are beautiful pictures and words drawn on the margins of each page. You think to yourself that you would like to learn to journal in your own Bible.

The large open window has a gentle breeze coming in, and the smell of the lilac bush outside wafts in with a lovely fragrance. Two leather wingback chairs sit just in front of the window. Grab yourself a book and have a seat!

You settle back and flip through the pages of the book you took off of one of the shelves. It looks interesting, why not read a few pages? Before you realize it, hours have gone by, and you have made your way to Chapter 7.

Time does not exist in our study. The words that fill each book are soft pillows the envelope you carrying you away. Words are powerful and have the ability to transport you to a different world.

Continue to Visit the Study

We will continue to add to The Study room for those that love reading and saturating themselves in scripture.

  • Recommendations on good books to read
  • Bible study tools
  • Bible lessons
  • Scripture for different aspects of life
  • Bible journaling
  • Articles and information on book-related topics
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