The Unbelievable Beauty of God’s Creations At Your Fingertips

Need a break from life?

Enjoy this stunning video highlighting some of God’s most striking work. Watch the evolution of majestic mountain tops while the sun rises behind volcanic remains inside the driest of deserts, while the Earth captivates in space…

As the rain falls, this video soars you to the edge of breathtaking waterfalls where whimsy rainbows show and tell underneath. Then, before you can bat an eye, you zoom off to the bluest of oceans and get enclosed within the deepest, lushest forests.

From monkeys and elephants to frogs and giraffes – this gorgeous compilation gifts you with God’s great masterpiece – drawing you in like bees to a budding flower – watch as tiny polar bear cubs climb out of Arctic snow caves and silky seals race along the Pacific’s choppy waves!

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