The Woman of God

Since time immemorial, God fearing women have looked up to biblical women such as Ruth who took care of her mother-in-law with no apparent thought to her own comfort. She showed loyalty, unselfishness, faith, initiative, perseverance, and diligence.

Hannah was barren and prayed to God for a child, promising that she would dedicate the child to the service of God. God answered, and blessed her with five more children. She showed faith, integrity, and gratitude. 

Esther who saved the Israelite people from death due to a government conspiracy. She showed courage, composure, faith, and patience. 

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Mary, mother of Jesus as the ideal woman.

But who is the ideal Woman of God of today?

Do the ancient proverbs still apply as powerfully as they did earlier? The answer, in short, is yes.

The ancient biblical ideal woman is not a stereotypical housewife surrounded by dirty dishes and clothes and is bossed around by everyone.

What we find is a multi-talented, dignified and caring woman.

According to Proverbs this Woman of God has money to invest and real estate to manage for her family.

Her husband trusts her implicitly- she is his partner in every aspect of life.

The Woman of God is a skilled business woman as well.

The Woman of God is compassionate, sensitive and caring.

She offers her support to the needy.

She tackles life’s problems cheerfully as they come.

She is loved and respected by all for her caring nature.

Even with all these qualities however, she still fears God.

She never bothers with what other people think of her, but God’s opinion always matters to her.

Her primary concern in life is God’s will, and she is a role model for all women.

While the description of the ideal Woman of God may sound too good to be true, it is still possible to try and emulate these qualities.

No one can excel at everything.

The Woman of God is a composite of many successful women.

Another point that should be noted is that though the proverbs speak of a married woman, marriage is not a prerequisite for a successful Woman of God.

The Woman of God who was described in the proverbs is a picture of the ideal woman, married or otherwise.

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