The Workout Room

Maintaining Physical & Mental Health

Children of God have the Holy Spirit dwelling within them, and as such, God expects us to take care of ourselves. Our bodies are holy temples.

Eating healthy, exercising, and watching what we allow ourselves to watch and listen to are things that God desires for us. Health is not limited to exercise and diet. It encompasses both physical and mental.

Unfortunately, many of us lack the willpower, and strength to overcome idols we have put in our lives that prevent us from following God’s plan. We overeat, consume alcohol in heavy amounts, become couch potatoes, and more without realizing the damage we are doing to our physical body and emotional well-being.

Stop for a moment and think about how you can improve in your overall health.

  • Do you need to lose a few pounds?
  • Are you struggling with overeating or food addiction?
  • Are you looking for creative ways to exercise that is fun and enjoyable?

“Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?” 1 Corinthians 3:16-27

“For physical training is of some value…” 1 Timothy 4:8

It’s More Than Just Exercise

Have you ever had the experience of being full of excitement to get in shape, eat healthy, and change your lifestyle only to fail time and time again? Dieting yo-yo’ ers gain more weight than they initially started with, and the struggle and frustration are real.

We will help you to approach health in a different way where you place emphasis on God and not yourself or a fancy gym membership. The Workout Room will be more than a room in the house. It will be your direct connection to the Almighty Father who will help you have the motivation and willpower to be the healthy person you should be.

The Workout Room Is…

  • A place to find creative and fun ways to exercise and be active.
  • A place with articles, tips, and ideas on physical and mental health.
  • A place with real stories of those struggling with weight.
  • A place to find scripture and prayer to have victory over the bond of food, alcohol, or lack of willpower.
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