Using The Gift God Has Given You

According to the Oxford dictionary a talent is defined as a natural aptitude or skill. The dictionary also uses the following synonyms to describe the word talent these are flair, aptitude, gift, knack and technique.

In the Bible we see the story of the man who gave each of his servants a different talent. The servant who got five talents went ahead and multiplied it.

The one who he gave two talents also went ahead and multiplied it but the servant who got one talent became bitter and buried his talent.

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When the master came back he had not gained anything on the talent because he had not used it and the master became angry.

This parable teaches us a valuable lesson about being satisfied with what we have been given and to always try to multiply and grow it.

The parable also shows us that at the end of our lives God will judge us by how we have used our gifts.

When the master returned and found out that the man with five talents had multiplied it, he gave him more. He also did the same with the servant who had multiplied his two talents.

However, he was very angry with the man who had buried his one talent and had done nothing with it. He took away his talent and gave it to the man who already had the most talents.

Who knows what would have happened if the man had multiplied his one talent, perhaps the master would have given him even more than the man with the five talents.

This teaches us that we are never to say that your gifts or talents are too small to do great things.

The parable also teaches us that any form of success that we achieve in this life is a natural product of the work that you have done.

We are given our gifts in order to multiply and grow them.

This means that at the end of our lives we should have made a difference with what we have been given. God should be glorified in our talents and we should never seek to hide them away because it makes God angry with us.

While it may seem that the servant with the one talent got a raw deal because he got the least. The Bible tells us that the master gave to each servant according to his ability.

The master knew that the servant could not manage more than one talent. This also means that the servant with the one talent was more than capable of multiplying it. Instead he chose to become bitter because he had gotten the least.

This teaches us that we should avoid being envious of the talents of others because it is not in our ability to do what they can do.

We are to be grateful and happy at all times for our special gifts and we are to use them to the best of our ability.

Examine your life today, have you buried any of your gifts because they seemed insignificant?

Perhaps it is time that you unearthed them for your good and the good of others.

At the end you will most assuredly be given more by God because you have proven to be faithful over little.

Using The Gift God Has Given You

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