Verse of the Day Jeremiah 33:3

‘Call to me, and I will answer you, and will show you great and difficult things, which you don’t know.’ Jeremiah 33:3

Verse of the Day Jeremiah 33:3

Spiritual Thought

God tells the children of Israel to call upon Him, and He will answer them. This is a conditional promise not just to the children of Israel but even to us as believers. 

All of us want our lives to change, and we want to know the things of God on a deeper level. But unfortunately, most of us are not talking to God. 

We run to our pastors, friends, colleagues first before we go to God. And there is nothing wrong in running to your pastors, leaders and family members. But we need to remember that we have a direct connection to the Father via the precious blood of the Lamb.

It is only by spending time in God's presence and calling upon Him that God is able to show us great and challenging things that we do not know. 

Instead of wishing that you could interpret the Bible like your pastor or your friend, how about you go dive deep into the word of God, call upon him and ask him to give you a revelation of His word. 

God is not a respecter of persons. But it's only those who spend time in his presence and genuinely have intimacy with him that get to know more about God and the difficult things in the word.


Father, help me each and everyday to draw nearer to you. I know that the closer I get to you by praying and reading your word you will show me greater things. Give me the strength and the desire to always seek your face. I pray for a deeper and stronger relationship with you. In the name of Jesus I pray.


Verse of the Day Jeremiah 33:3

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