Verse of the Day Joel 2:32

Bible Verse Of The Day Joel 2-32

“It will happen that whoever will call on Yahweh’s name shall be saved; for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be those who escape, as Yahweh has said, and among the remnant, those whom the Lord calls.” – Joel 2:32

Spiritual Thought

It is common knowledge to every student of the Bible that God is limitlessly good. In Joel 2, God, through Joel, was telling His people about the repercussions of their sins and the judgment that was about to come upon them.

However, the concluding verse of this chapter goes to show that it is not God’s will that His children should perish, and He is ever ready to save as many as are willing to call to Him for help.

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Just as He did in the days of Moses when the Israelites had to look on the serpent to obtain salvation, He willed that His people would call on His name in the time of their oppression to access the escape, which He had provided.

Just as He was willing to save His people in Joel 2, God is still waiting with outstretched arms for as many as are willing to call on His name and believe in the power of His salvation even now.

He does not will that we be condemned and lost in hell, but whoever puts their trust in Him will surely escape the ultimate punishment of sin and death.

ur salvation does not rest in our works or efforts but in trusting in the finished work of Christ, and so, calling on Yahweh’s name signifies our faith in Him. Hence, it makes perfect sense that faith is the bedrock of our salvation.

We can now boast in the finished work of Christ and the escape that His death and resurrection have brought to us. We are now the remnant that God has called and set apart for Himself in Christ Jesus.


I call upon Your name Jehovah! You are the deliverer of they that will call upon You. As I call on You today, I believe that You will quickly come and deliver me from every bondage that has plagued me in Jesus’ name.

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