Verse of the Day Romans 12:12

rejoicing in hope; enduring in troubles; continuing steadfastly in prayer; – Romans 12:12

Romans 12:12

Spiritual Thought

Every believer is given three commands or instructions here:

Rejoice in hope

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This means that when we look around and can find nothing to make us truly joyous, we are encouraged because of the knowledge of where our eternity will be. Our hope is that one day, we will depart this evil world of pain and sorrows, and inherit the promise of God’s joy, peace, and eternal life. This is the hope we must rejoice in when we remember.

Patience in tribulation

Hard times will always be with us. Jesus said in the world we will have tribulations, but this was a warning that came with an assurance of triumph. He also said, that as he has overcome, by implication, we can do so as well. This is why we must be patient when tribulations come because they are not meant to last forever.

Constant prayer

Praying without ceasing is not an option for the believer. It is in the place of prayer that we find the strength to rejoice in hope and have patience when tribulation strikes. Therefore, prayer is not an option, and it must be constant even more importantly.


Heavenly Father,

We come to You with hearts lifted in gratitude for the wisdom of Romans 12:12, which teaches us to navigate the contours of our faith with grace and perseverance. Lord, we rejoice in the hope of Your promises, knowing that beyond the struggles of this world lies the joy and peace of Your eternal kingdom. Let this hope fill our hearts with joy unspeakable, even when our circumstances challenge us.

In times of tribulation, grant us patience, Father. Remind us that just as Christ overcame the world, You empower us to endure and overcome our own trials. Help us to hold steadfast in our faith, trusting that these challenges are transient and that Your strength is made perfect in our weakness.

We commit to maintaining a spirit of constant prayer, drawing nearer to You each day. In the sanctuary of prayer, we find the strength and peace needed to persevere. May our prayers be a continual conversation with You, shaped by faith and guided by Your Spirit.

Lord, as we strive to obey these divine instructions, mold us into beacons of Your love and resilience, that others might see Your light through us.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Romans 12:12

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