What Would Jesus Post?

What Would Jesus Post?

Social media has consumed society in almost every part of the world. If you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or a host of other apps, then you are considered “unconnected.” It is somewhat frowned upon if you aren’t part of this technological movement.

what would jesus post

Our culture is beginning to remove the human element from relationships, conversation, work, and recreation as it is all being offered through a computer, phone, or Ipad. From a Christian perspective, social media does make life easier with communication, but we need to keep our posts, chat, images, tweets, and conversation Christ-centered. Additionally, we keep Christ first and not allow social media to become a stealthy idol in our lives.

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“Though I have much to write to you, I would rather not use paper and ink. Instead I hope to come to you and talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete.” 2 John 1: 12

Has Social Media Become An Idol?

Facebook is the number one thing that occupies the minds and attention of millions of people including Christians. It is clear when something becomes an idol in our lives when we find ourselves devoting too much time to it.

Social Media Becomes An Idol When…

  • It consumes most of our time
  • It causes one to be disobedient to God
  • We find ourselves talking about it a lot
  • It provides us more joy than reading the Bible or spending time with God
  • It causes us to sin against God and others
  • We become anxious or fearful if we do not have it
  • We seek validation through it instead of accepting knowing God loves us regardless
  • We can’t go a day without it
  • It destroys relationships with others
  • It prevents us from living life fully

Do you find that social media gets more attention than God?

 “Do not worship any other gods besides me.” Do not make idols of any kind, whether in the shape of birds or animals or fish. You must never worship or bow down to them, for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God who will not share your affection with any other god!” Exodus 20:3-5

Using Social Media For Good

As Christians, we have a big advantage when using social media! We can directly or indirectly witness to others, and share God’s love through our connections. Let our words, actions, and images reflect the love of God and may they be Christ-centered.

In Your Posts and Tweets, Do You…

  • Seek to glorify God or yourself
  • Edify or tear down others
  • Direct unbelievers to God
  • Grumble and complain about things
  • Let your light shine, so others see Christ through you
  • Keep company with negative/harmful people
  • Post constant updates to gain attention
  • Find yourself spending less time with God
  • Crave “likes,” “shares” or comments from others
  • Find yourself constantly checking your phone…
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Posting, Checking, Waiting…

What would Jesus do if social media was available while he was here on earth? Would he be guilty of falling into the social media trap? Would he waste valuable time redundantly posting, checking, and waiting?

Social media is not the enemy but a place to interact with others as long as we find purpose in every single post, tweet, snap, or chat we make. That purpose should be to spread the love of Christ and allow others to see Him in us.

Lastly, Jesus would post that he “likes” (loves) you and wants to spend more time with you.

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