Why you Need to Set Spiritual Goals

You’ve already set goals for this year and are ready to go.  You can’t wait to fulfill them and check those boxes off.

But wait a minute:

Have you set any spiritual goals for the year?

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Well, no matter where you are spiritual, whether you’re a baby Christian or a mature one, you need to have goals in place because the truth is we never really arrive in our spiritual journey.

It is something that we continue developing until we leave this earth if Christ tarries.

If you have not written down your spiritual goals, then think again and try to come up with the list of things that you need to improve in your relationship with God.

Still don’t understand why setting spiritual goals is essential?

Here are the reasons why you need to do so:


Just like every other area of your life, you need to focus on your relationship with God, and setting spiritual goals will help you do that.

Good goals will enable you to focus on growing your faith.  (Philippians 3:14)

You can be determined to live a godly life, but without focus, you will keep on losing track.

Ask God to reveal to you areas in your faith you need to focus on this year.

Overcome Procrastination

 Sometimes we find ourselves procrastinating in our spiritual walk.

We stop praying the way we used to, and we read the word of God once in a while.

We stop participating in things God wants us to and start chasing the pleasures of this world.  

Seeking after worldly pleasure often affects our spiritual lives negatively, and with time, we drift away from the things of God and start focusing on the things of this world.

Goals will act as reminders of things you have to keep doing to become a better Christian. (2 Chronicles 15:7)

Goals Will Motivate You

Yes, you love to pray and spread the gospel.

But let’s be honest:

There are times when we struggle to pray and read the Bible.  

Other times we want to keep to ourselves. We don’t want to go out there and spread the gospel of Jesus.

We are in a battle, and that means that the devil will try so hard to distract us and discourage us.

When you have goals, you will feel motivated, even when things are difficult.  It does not mean that you will not fall.

There will be moments when it will be so hard, but you will keep rising because you know there’s something you need to achieve for the Kingdom before the end of the year.

The bottom line is:

Without Christ, none of us is perfect spiritually. Just the way we are striving to grow in other areas of our lives, we also need to grow spiritually.

The best way for us to mature in our faith is by setting spiritual goals. (Proverbs 29:18)

Goals will help you to focus, avoid procrastination, and you will feel motivated.

If you haven’t set any spiritual goals, now is the time to do so.

Remember, you don’t have to do this at the beginning of the year. Start now and focus on accomplishing them.

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