Why You Should Do It Afraid

Why You Should Do It Afraid

Here’s the thing

God will never ask any of us to do things that are within our capabilities.  

He always gives us tasks that are beyond our abilities so that we can depend on him entirely.

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But here is the thing:

Some of us are afraid to take up the roles and duties that God has given us.

Instead of doing what God has laid in our hearts, we have taken up other tasks. Other people are not doing anything at all.

Fear has crippled them. They would rather sit there than fulfill the purposes of God.


Delayed obedience is still disobedience in the eyes of the Lord.  

If God wants you to serve him in a particular capacity, you need to do it his way.  

Yes, that role is beyond your capabilities, but remember, God is the one that has chosen you to take it.

When God appeared to Moses in the burning bush, he told him to go to Egypt and rescue the children of Israel, but Moses hesitated because he was scared.

But in the end, he took up the role, and through him, God rescued the Israelites from the hands of the Egyptians. (Exodus 3:1-17)

If you are hesitant like Moses here are reasons why you should do it scared:

Fear Never Goes Away

If you are waiting for fear to go away for you to fulfill your purpose, know that you will never do it. Why? It is because fear never goes away.

Although Nehemiah was fearful, he asked the king to permit him to rebuild the wall.  

He turned to God in prayer, and when the time was right, he started the project that God had laid in his heart.

Great people rise above their fears.

So, learn how to rise above your fears because if you don’t do that, it will block you from becoming the person God wants you to be. (Nehemiah 1:2-7)

People Are Waiting For You On The Other Side Ff Obedience

The truth is:

So many people are waiting for you on the other side. They need you to help them.  

Each one of us has a purpose in this world, and it involves helping other people.  

If you allow fear to take over, then you’re not going to touch the lives that God wants you to.

Imagine if Joshua had refused to lead the children of Israel because of their stubbornness.  

Someone else could have taken over, but it wouldn’t have been the same way Joshua lead them.

As Moses’ assistant, he learned a lot when Moses was still alive.  

Joshua knew what to expect and how to handle the Israelites. (Joshua 1)

Was he fearful?

He must have been. Filling up Moses’ shoes must have been a great deal; that is why God told him to fear not.

In conclusion:

Being courageous does not mean you are not fearful.  It is okay to carry out the purposes of God when you’re scared.  

Fear never goes away, so you have to learn how to rise above it because people are waiting for you to help them on the other side of your obedience.   

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  1. I am glad to pray the prayers found here. They are so soul uplifting. I pray for greater Grace on you. God bless you in Jesus Christ Name.

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