Why You Should Share Your Story With Others

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Why You Should Share Your Story With Others

We all have a story to share with the world.

The recovery from a bad marriage or abusive childhood, the miraculous healing from a life-threatening disease are all stories we can share with the world.

The Bible tells us to encourage and build others up.

The best way to do that is by encouraging and building others up with your story. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should go out there and air your dirty laundry.

No, you need to share stories that will make a difference in other people’s lives, stories that will glorify God and not-self.

In Mark 5:19, the man who had been demon-possessed wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus did not let him.

Instead, he told him to go back to his hometown and share his testimony with other people.

Could it be that God is asking you to share your story with people, but you are letting fear hold you back?

The truth:

Everyone fears being vulnerable, but sharing our stories is essential. Here is why:

Your Story Creates Connection

Look, there are so many people out there who are waiting for you to share your story.

They are looking for someone who has gone through the same challenges they are facing to connect with.

These people want to change their lives for the better, but they are looking for inspiration, they are waiting for your story.  

Don’t let the devil lie to you.

Do not allow him to make you feel inadequate. Ask God for guidance, and he will show you how, when, and where to share your story. (Isaiah 30:21)

Motivates Others To Help Others

There are people with great stories out there. God wants them to share those stories with others, but maybe they fear or God is preparing them first.

God wants to use your story as a stepping stone.

Sharing your story will help those that are scared to come out of their cocoon and tell the world what they have gone through.

It will also help others to prepare themselves for what God is calling them to do.

When you share your stories with others, they become inspired to share what they are going through or have gone through in the past with others.

Your story will cause a ripple effect of hope in the community and the world because people will start encouraging each other with their stories.

The best part is all glory will go back to God. (Acts 22:1-21)

Brings Hope

Sharing your story will give those people who are facing similar challenges right now hope for the future.

Imagine there is someone somewhere that is asking God for a sign, and your story is that sign that will help them to keep on holding on to his word.

Letting these people into your personal space will help them see the redemptive plan that God has for them.

They will be encouraged in their inner being to fight the good fight of faith.

Stop holding back because you may be the person God wants to use to give someone hope.

All in all:

Your story is not just about you. It is about others and, most of all, about God. It is about God’s redemption plan for man.

God wants to shine a light in someone’s life through you.

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