Women Role Models In The Bible

The Bible provides us with several examples of women we should emulate. Many of these women displayed extraordinary courage in the face of tough decisions and trying circumstances.

They prove that obeying the will of God is not just necessary for their progress but for the progress of those around them. Here is a look at five women in the Bible who displayed extraordinary faith.

Mary the Mother of Jesus

mary mother of jesus

Imagine being engaged and suddenly finding yourself pregnant and your fiancée isn’t the father of the child! Yet when Mary was told she would be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and conceive Jesus, she did not hesitate to say, “Yes”.

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Her response was the catalyst for the salvation of humanity. She was willing to face whatever society or her fiancée had to say in order to obey the will of God.


Ruth was a woman of extreme loyalty. She was married to Naomi’s son but when both he and her father-in-law died, she refused to leave her mother-in-law and return home. Ruth recognized that the old woman would need her.

She helped to feed them by following behind reapers and picking up whatever fell from them. It wasn’t long before the “boss” took notice of her and fell in love with her when he saw the extent of her kind heart. He eventually married her.


Hannah was childless for many years. She became an object of ridicule for other women, day after day she would go to the temple and pray asking God to bless her with a child.

Even when it seemed as if God was not hearing her prayers she continued praying. She did not give up. God did not disappoint her as Hannah conceived a son. Her son was no ordinary man. He eventually became one of the greatest prophets Israel had ever seen. His name was Samuel.


Esther was in a long preparation to become queen. When Haman, a man of great power in the kingdom plotted to kill the Jews because one of them would not bow down to him.

Esther was asked to intervene before the king who did not know she was a Jew. She was hesitant but knew she had to do something to save her people. Before she proceeded, she asked that a period of fasting be done for her.

Esther realized that in order to find favor with God she would have to seek his help before carrying out her task. Once she sought the will of God he gave her the courage to approach the king and tell him the truth about her heritage and save her people.

Mary Magdalene

mary magdalene

Mary Magdalene proves that no matter how deep we get into sin the love of God can pull us out. It also proves that Jesus is willing to forgive us no matter what we have done. Mary Magdalene was a former prostitute who used her hair to wipe her tears off the feet of Jesus.

When she did this, Jesus was criticized by the Pharisee’s for letting such a “dirty” woman touch him but the savior paid them no mind. Jesus knew that saving people like Mary was why he had come to earth. Mary soon became an ardent follower of Jesus. She sought the love of God, found it and it changed her life forever.

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